10/27 Ryan’s “Post-Storm” Wednesday Night Forecast

Pretty rough few hours as a front moved in, but our post-storm hours will be much more quiet.

Tonight’s stronger front brought severe weather, including a tornado, to South MS, but it’ll quiet significantly in these post-storm hours. This was due to the strong front moving in with a decent low level jet, which can create rotating storms. The chance of seeing tornadoes was fairly low due to the structure of the storm, but we saw one immediately after the front moved into South MS.

The threat will lasted from around 6:30 PM until just before 10 PM, and now conditions will rapidly improve.

By sunrise, expect a similar low to the last few nights near 63, with breezy winds from the west. Those breezy conditions carry over into tomorrow as well, with a much cooler, drier high near 73 with sunny skies. There will be a few upper level clouds to the north as the low breaks down, but no more rain. In fact, short of a few little impulses that’ll bring a few clouds from time to time, it’ll remain sunny and drier for the about the next 7 days! Another, weaker front begins to move in by next Wednesday which brings our first chances of clouds and active weather since tonight.

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