10/20 Ryan’s “Cloudy, Humid” Wednesday Night Forecast

There were some wet spots this afternoon, but it'll die down a bit through the night though cloudy and humid conditions linger.

Today brought our first wet weather in over a week as much drier, cooler weather has dominated until now. That changed quickly last night as warmer, more humid air moved in rapidly, bringing tonight’s low up even further to 71 degrees. The clouds and showers will thin a bit through the overnight hours as heating dies down, but overall it won’t be much different than last night.

Thursday will bring some slight improvements as the skies open up slightly, but it will still be hot and humid with a high near 83 and a 30% chance of showers.

From there things improve visibly as the wet weather moves on, but sensibly it will be more of the same. A front will move through Friday that will dry things out in the mid and upper levels, bringing back the sun, but the surface humidity will barely change. We’ll see a slight dip, but almost the moment it moves through it transitions into a warm front and brings in even warmer, more humid air.

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