10/13 Ryan’s “Fog Returns” Wednesday Night Forecast

It's been getting more and more humid each day, and now our morning fog is returning.

Our weather hasn’t been bad recently, but we have seen slightly rising humidity and temperatures each day. This trend will continue for the rest of the week, ending sharply as a front moves through Saturday morning. The front will bring significantly drier air and some cooler air, though the temperature won’t fall below average for long. The humidity on the other hand will stay “dry” until almost the  middle of next week before bouncing back some.

Tonight will not be any cooler or drier, quite the opposite in fact as the low climbs to 72 degrees with patchy fog returning.

Tomorrow will still have some sun, but thicker, now partly sunny skies will lessen the experience a bit. Don’t expect any cooling through, the high will rise another degree to 86 despite the extra shade. This rising humidity/temperature trend will continue for one more day on Friday, but Saturday afternoon will be a vastly different experience.