09/16 Ryan’s “Stormy Friday” Forecast

We were expecting to see some showers early this morning and the forecast did not disappoint, but it quickly turned into a Stormy Friday afternoon. A few thunderstorms have already formed and dissipated, and we will see a few more over the next hour, until the Sun goes down at least. Expect more showers and storms Saturday and Sunday afternoon as a cold front continues to slide towards the Southeast, either passing by or diffusing above the Gulf Coast midway into next week. At that time we’ll get a little preview of some Fall-like conditions as we head into next weekend.

The tropics are still being very productive. TS Karl formed last night and will slowly move Westward over the next several days. A new disturbance just moved off the coast of Africa and will be following in Karl’s wake. Julia is still moving erratically, and is not expected to wander too far away from it’s current position, but will slowly weaken into a tropical depression again.

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