09/15 Ryan’s “Humid Again” Friday Forecast

As expected, after a long period of clear, sunny, and drier weather it’s humid again. The tail end of a trough is lingering in the area and will act as a catalyst for scattered showers with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow, very similar to what we saw this afternoon. Even after the likelihood of these showers passes, some light cloud cover and the humidity will remain through the rest of the week. By Monday, we’ll be back into the lower 90s and we’ll see the temperatures fluctuate a few degrees either way due to more or less cloud cover, but overall very little change through the rest of the week.

After most of last week’s storms dissipated, the tropics are once again getting crowded. Jose re-strengthened into a hurricane, and continues to inch closer and closer to the Northeastern Coast. By Monday, tropical storm or hurricane force winds could be felt as far South as North Carolina, so this system will need to be watched closely. A tropical wave should become a tropical depression over the weekend, and seems poised to enter the Caribbean, and could cause problems for the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical depression 14 however, is expected to become a tropical storm for about half a day before dissipating quickly.

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