09/01 Ryan’s “Tropical Threat” Thursday Forecast

The Gulf tropical threat became a reality today as TS Hermine became Hurricane Hermine and it continues to close in on the Big Bend/Tallahassee area. Landfall is expected later tonight but the system’s effects have already been felt for the last few days because of how far East this system extends. Residents near Tallahassee can expect Hurricane force winds, heavy rains, and damaging storm surge in the short term, then tropical storm force conditions will extend through Georgia and the Carolina’s through Saturday. A tropical disturbance has been moving slowly across the Cabo Verde islands over the past 48 hours, and will continue to struggle across the Atlantic for a few more days.

Locally there isn’t much change expected. Friday will be hot and drier, with low chances of afternoon showers and light winds from the North. An extension of Hermine’s low pressure will trail behind the system and cause some instability and cloud cover over the weekend, but will only increase rain chances to 30% well into Labor Day.

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