09/17 Ryan’s “Flood Watch Extended” Friday Night Forecast

Rain chances are trending downward, but our Flash Flood Watches have been extended in to tomorrow as more rain is coming

I have a professional interest in active weather and even I wish it would stop raining, but it won’t and our Flash Flood Watch has even been extended. Thanks to our already saturated ground, like we saw today any weekend rain will cause more flooding issues. Because of this the National Weather Service has extended our Flash Flood Watches into Saturday evening. Conditions are slowly improving though.

Some days will rain more than others, with Sunday being on the slightly drier side and Monday on the wetter.

Rain chances have fallen significantly from two days ago when we saw 80-100% chances, now averaging around 40% through Monday. They will begin falling quickly after that, but Wednesday though is where things really begin to improve. That’s due to the first front of Fall, which is coincidentally coming through on the Equinox itself! This will bring considerably cooler and drier conditions than what we’ve been seeing, dropping day and nighttime temperatures to true “fall-like” levels.

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