09/08 Ryan’s “TS Mindy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

A tropical storm formed nearby today, but won't impact South MS as it races across Florida.

As unexpected as it was from last night’s forecast, Tropical Storm Mindy formed today in the Northern Gulf. It’s disorganized, and moving rapidly, but will still bring heavy amounts of rainfall to the Big Bend area of Florida. Locally we’ll see only scattered showers and t-storms moving north-to-south across South MS through the evening. It’s possible to see a couple of areas with high rainfall totals, but only if a storms “train” over the same location which isn’t likely.

Regardless of what happens with Mindy a cold front will move through during the early morning hours.

This will bring a nice northerly wind shift and drier air, but won’t do much for the temperature. Expect highs to remain near average (88 degrees) for the rest of the week and most of the weekend. Skies will remain clear during this time thanks to building high pressure, meaning a gorgeously sunny weekend lies ahead. Sadly these “fall-like” conditions can’t last forever, and clouds will begin to inch back in by Sunday along with low rain chances.

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