08/25 Ryan’s “Harvey’s Landfall” Friday Forecast

Hurricane Harvey has officially made landfall just after 10 PM near Rockport, TX. This storm is producing winds in excess of 130 mph, with rain rates as high as 5″/hour, which will lead to devastating flooding. This is a slow-moving storm, which appears to turn around after weakening into a tropical storm by Sunday, and it appears likely that it will then cross back out into the Gulf near where it made landfall by Tuesday. This means there is still a chance it will have a chance to strengthen some before turning North into East TX or Northeast into Central LA. Either way we will likely see more rain and excess moisture moving into the area, but exactly how much depends on where the storm goes as next week begins, and how strong it will be. Local rainfall totals will be between 3-6″ (above average) until Wednesday, then we’ll have to wait on Harvey for more clarity.

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