08/17 Ryan’s “Finally Dry” Thursday Forecast

We finally had a dry afternoon in South MS! The next few days will be nice as well, but we begin to see the afternoon showers returning as early as tomorrow, but not the constant, heavy rainfall we’ve become accustomed to. Expect it to remain warm and humid each day, and heat indices will likely remain above 100 most of the day if it doesn’t rain in your particular area.

The tropics are getting crowded. While Gert dissipated rapidly over the cooler Northern Atlantic waters, Tropical Storm Harvey formed just East of the Caribbean Sea. This storm’s projected path has it travelling due West and into the Yucatan Peninsula, well South of us. There are two more disturbances further East, one with a 70% chance of forming that is moving further NE than Harvey, and another at 30% closer to Africa. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.

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