08/20 Ryan’s “Excessive Heat” Friday Evening Forecast

These dangerously high temperatures will continue through the weekend, so be prepared to protect yourself.

Yesterday we were under a heat advisory, but today that was upgraded further to an excessive heat warning. That means heat indices across South MS will lie between 104-112, and could climb as high as 115. Heat illness can occur in 10 minutes or less in these conditions, so please exercise caution outdoors. Sadly this dangerous weather won’t be limited to just today either.

The excessive heat warning will continue Saturday afternoon as well, and we already have an excessive heat watch for Sunday.

I’d actually be very surprised not to see the warnings extend into the start of next week. We are starting to see glimmers of improvement in the forecast though. By the end of next week we’ll be back to seasonal temperatures, and trending in a wetter direction. Personally I can’t wait for a return to the low 90s with at least a few more cooling afternoon showers.

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