08/12 Ryan’s “Wet Today, Drier Tomorrow” Thursday Night Forecast

Saw more rain today, but expect less tomorrow with more sun!

Today was slightly wetter in terms of rain amount and coverage, but we’ll be drier again by tomorrow. Friday will also be one of the sunniest days of the week with a high near 92 and a UV index of 10, so remember to use caution during peak heating (10 am- 2 pm). The high humidity we’ve been…enjoying…isn’t going anywhere, so expect more heat indices in the triple digits across South MS.

We’ll keep that heat and humidity into the weekend, and will get back to seeing our ~30%  average for afternoon showers and thunderstorms which will lead to more cool spots.

Tropical Depression Fred will have strengthened into a Tropical Storm again by the weekend as it enters the Gulf, but will still pass to the east of us, even though the track will still wiggle a bit more each update. There is another disturbance just behind Fred that’s following the same path, so stay tuned for further updates.

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