08/04 Ryan’s “Feels Cooler” Tuesday Night Forecast

93 degrees doesn’t sound much “cooler,” but drier air is at least making it feel that way. Much drier air moved into the mid and upper levels, and as it continues to trickle down our heat indices will fall. Tonight’s clear skies will allow for maximum cooling, so expect another few degrees to drop off, low down to 72.

Tomorrow will be another sunny, drier day with a high near 93, though the heat index likely won’t reach 100.

That means it’ll still be hot and humid (of course), but also much more manageable than our 105-110 degree days. This trend continues for the rest of the week, at which time moisture will begin to work it’s way back in. The overall weather won’t change much, but expect a few more clouds and the return of our afternoon showers. These more “average” conditions last through the weekend, allowing temps to fall back into the low 90s again.

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