07/28 Ryan’s “Few Showers” Tuesday Night Forecast

Another day in South MS with more rain and we’ll see more than a few showers tomorrow! Just like the last several nights, expect things to quiet down slowly through the evening. By sunrise we’ll have cooled to our low of 76 degrees, and there will only be a stray shower or two under cloudy skies.

You probably won’t notice much change tomorrow due to more cloudy skies and frequent showers, but rain chances are dropping.

They’ll continue to fall into the night, and by Thursday only a passing shower is expected late in the day. It even looks like we’ll get a bit of a dry spell over the weekend! That means we’ll see mostly sunny skies and very little rain until we begin next week. Even then though it only seems to be returning to “normal,” so expect hot and humid afternoons in the low 90s and a low-to-moderate chance of afternoon rain.

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