07/07 Ryan’s “Drier” Wednesday Night Forecast

Less Rain for Tonight.

It may not seem like it at first glance, but tonight will be a bit drier than the last few evenings we’ve seen. Still expecting an isolated shower or two, but considering the heavy showers of the last few sunrises it will be looking better. Expect slowly decreasing clouds through the night with a low near 74, and a 20% chance of a shower.

Tomorrow afternoon will warm back up a few degrees into the mid 80s as rain chances fall slightly to 30%, considered “average” during the summer.

Sadly, these “drier” conditions won’t last beyond Thursday. A short-wave feature will enhance heating induced activity through Friday and Saturday, but afterwards it looks like we’ll get back to average (30%) by Sunday. After one more slight bump to the rainfall on Monday, it appears some Saharan air will make its way across the Atlantic, bringing dry, dusty air and limited activity.