07/06 Ryan’s “Muggy” Monday Night Forecast

Recent weather has been heavily on the wet, muggy side, but much drier days are ahead…just not much less humid. Today saw a good an inch or so on average across the coast, but now things are quieting down. Still, expect an isolated shower or two to linger through the night, with a low near 76 and cloudy skies.

I’m bringing down rain chances to 40% tomorrow (down from 80%), but it will still be hot and humid with a high near 88.

That means heat indices in the mid 90s-low 100s are likely. The next few days will continue the rainy trend, but by Thursday those chances will fall to 20% or below. Less rain also generally means more sun, and higher temperatures. Expect highs to climb into the mid 90s by the weekend with even higher humidity! It’ll be beautiful, but we’re rapidly approaching periods of dangerous heat.

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