06/15 Ryan’s “Drying Some” Tuesday Night Forecast

Finally drying out a bit after a long, abnormally humid couple of weeks. It won’t be all that significant as it looks like dewpoints will only fall from the mid 70s into the low 60s, but it will be noticeable.  It’s still going to be hot and it’s still going to be a little humid, but far better than it has been.

Sadly that change will be short-lived thanks to a developing tropical system.

A broad, disorganized low is starting to take shape in the Bay of Campeche, and will begin drifting northward late in the week. Regardless of its development (which I believe will be a Tropical Depression or low-end Storm), it will be bringing days of rain to South MS. Expect the strongest rain through Saturday and Sunday, then it’ll slowly taper off through the middle of next week.