06/13 Ryan’s “Sun Returned” Thursday Forecast

The sun returned from its short vacation today! Yesterday may have been a bit on the grey and cloudy side, but today was much brighter. That does mean temperatures rose again though, so don’t expect a high of 84 like we saw on Wednesday. Today’s high climbed back into the upper 80s, and I’m expecting to see the low 90s again by the weekend. A big factor in that will be a warm front moving into the area.

I’m expecting it to dissipate as it moves in so its impact will be limited, but it will be enough to bring higher humidity and rain chances.

In fact, it looks like we’ll see an 8 degree jump in our nighttime low between tonight’s and Friday’s. That means the biggest impact will be the return of higher humidity, making it feel sticky and uncomfortable at times as it continues to warm. Rain is expected, but generally only a few showers during the hottest parts of the day, so we’re still looking at several nice late-spring days ahead.

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