06/09 Ryan’s “Clearing” Wednesday Night Forecast

The last few nights have been cloudy, warm, and humid, but now clearing skies will get rid of one of those descriptors. That means it’ll still be hot and humid…and for a while. Tonight will be similar to the last few nights, with a low near 75, but now with mostly clear skies.

If you’ve seen light to patchy fog over the last few nights, you undoubtedly will again tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon continues the warm trend, with a high near 87, mostly sunny skies, and a negligible chance of an isolated shower. These conditions carry through the next several days as well. Expect mostly sunny skies through the weekend, but the clouds begin to gather again by the start of next week. Through it all the temperature keeps rising, so we’ll be in the low 90s by Sunday with heat indices in the low triple digits. It will cool a few degrees into the upper 80s by the middle of next week, due to increasing clouds and rain chances.