06/04 Ryan’s “Last Hot” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Yesterday may have been the hottest day of the year so far, but today will be the last hot day we’ll see for about a week. Temperatures did cool some today, but still lingered in the mid 90s with triple digit heat indices. We are going to get some relief from these oppressively muggy days, but it’s going to cost us our blue, sunny skies. Cloud cover will begin to build through the night, and by tomorrow afternoon showers will begin.

A large portion of the moisture allowing these showers is coming from a tropical wave we’ve been watching in the Gulf.

Yesterday it had a decent chance of becoming a tropical system, but today that chance is almost zero. As another frontal system begins to develop in TX, this wave will be forced eastward and will eventually merge with the new system. This one-two punch and its slow movement will ensure potentially heavy showers and thunderstorms will remain in place through the weekend.

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