04/30 Ryan’s “Perfect Humidity” Thursday Night Forecast

Today’s weather was practically perfect in every way, and very little is changing for the next several days. Tonight’s skies remain as clear as today’s, allowing it tocool down to 54 degrees by sunrise. Tomorrow’s high climbs slightly into the low 80s, but remains dry with “comfy” dewpoints in the upper 40s/low 50s. From here, expect to see the temperature and humidity to begin gradually rising from “not so perfect,”  to near uncomfortable levels. The afternoon high will be in the mid 80s by the start of next week, and into the upper 80s by the middle.

The humidity will remain nice and dry until Sunday when it will climb into the humid range, climbing further into “muggy” territory by Tuesday.

Fortunately, a cold front moves through before it gets out of hand. This front doesn’t seem to have much moisture associated with it, so don’t expect much (any at the moment) rain and only a slight pop of cloud cover. By the end of next week, skies will clear again and the temperature will fall…only back into the low 80s though thankfully the humidity falls again too.

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