04/05 Ryan’s “Muggy” Friday Forecast

The showers have largely moved on but the muggy weather is here to stay through the weekend.

Expect some rain through the night, but even those will be hard to come across through tomorrow afternoon.

That’s because the warm front lingering just over head will move northward over the next few days, though the cloud cover and humidity aren’t going anywhere. Even the showers won’t stay away for long. As the cold front associated with the warm front I just mentioned won’t arrive until Monday afternoon, we will see the development of another low pressure system over East Texas.

This system and it’s associated warm front will stretch across South MS through Sunday afternoon bringing a “slight” risk of severe weather.

Expect this activity to linger until the cold front catches up during the overnight hours on Sunday which will begin pushing it to the east. Showers and thunderstorms will continue for the first half of Monday, but begin clearing through the night. It’ll be much more clear and dry by Tuesday, conditions we’ll enjoy for the rest of the week.

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