04/03 Ryan’s “Pre-Storm” Tuesday Night Forecast

We’re still in the “pre-storm” hours on the Gulf Coast, but we may be in for a rough ride as storms with a “slight” severe risk move into the area. Significant rain won’t begin until around 11 pm, and the first of the stronger storms are expected just after midnight. The most likely threats this far South seem to be gusting winds and pockets of heavy rain as the “squall line” moves through, and at the moment tornadoes seem unlikely but not impossible. The front itself will finish moving through the area by sunrise, so expect rapid sky clearance and much drier air in the afternoon. Temperatures won’t be that much cooler initially, but will drop into the upper 60s and low 70s across South MS by Thursday. This beautiful weather doesn’t last too long because another front will be moving in to the area by Saturday which will bring at least a few showers and thunderstorms, but we’ll see another round of clearing, drying, and cooling by the beginning of next week.

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