03/23 Ryan’s “Muggy” Monday Evening Forecast

Still muggy and cloudy on the Coast, but those clouds will clear and even drier air is on the way! Don’t expect to see either of those tonight though with an evening low near 70 in Gulfport. Clouds will begin to break up overnight, so we’ll see much more sun tomorrow. It’ll warm a little more as well, high rising a few degrees to near 82 in the afternoon.

It will continue to warm into Wednesday, but a cold front passing through that morning will bring more significant changes.

It won’t be the temperature, which will only fall a few degrees, but expect a nearly 10 degree drop in the dewpoint. That means it will be noticeably less humid by Thursday, but it doesn’t last long. Our next front will pass through between Saturday and Sunday, so expect a rapid increase in the temperature and humidity as it approaches. This front will bring considerably cooler and drier air, highs falling into the mid 70s again for next week.

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