03/01 Ryan’s “Little Cloudy” Friday Evening Forecast

It was still a little cloudy and rainy today, but the sun didn’t make much of an appearance. Don’t expect to see much of it for the next few days either. There is a little silver lining though!

The sun may not be coming out for tomorrow’s parades, but the rain chances continue to fall.

Those chances have been near 40% for the last few days, but are now down to 20% or less and will likely begin after nightfall. These showers will remain light-to-moderate and scattered initially, but will increase in frequency and strength into Sunday. That’s when we’ll see our next active weather system and the Storm Prediction Center has the area under a “slight” risk for severe weather for Sunday night/Monday morning.

A “slight” risk means we’ll see all the usual suspects like lightning, heavy rain, gusting winds, and medium-to-large hail; but also need to prepare for a higher risk of tornadoes.

We’ll have a meteorologist on-staff to update as needed during the event, but you can also download our free WXXV Weather Authority app for up to the minute information. After the front the weather will improve significantly. Expect plenty of sunshine nearly all week long, but get ready for a cool, windy afternoons and a few chilly nights near freezing.

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