02/09 Ryan’s “Clear & Chilly” Thursday Night Forecast

The last several days have been warm and humid, but we’ll finally see some clear and chilly conditions tonight. Last night’s cold front helped push all of our humid air into the Gulf, giving us at least one chilly, clear, and dry evening. That’s all we’ll get though. After tonight’s low of 43 under clear skies we’ll see “return flow” setting up tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, meaning winds will begin shifting from the South, bringing in warmer air and more moisture. By Saturday afternoon temperatures will have already returned to the 70s, and they’ll keep climbing into the mid 70s by Sunday. This is where the forecast begins to lose “confidence.” A front coming out of the Rockies will be dragging a front near the area late Sunday/Monday, but as to how far that front will penetrate into the South and when that will happen remains “cloudy.” At this time I feel the front will stall out over the area on Monday, leading to a few days of warm, humid, and cloudy days with a few showers before a second system pushes through Wednesday night ushering in more cool temps.

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