02/27 Ryan’s “Another Cold” Thursday Evening Forecast

Saw plenty of sun today but not much warmth, so it’s safe to say we’re in for a cold night. On average it will be a degree or so warmer than last night, but that just means a low of 35 in Gulfport. Thankfully this warming trend picks up steam heading into the afternoon, which will be just as sunny as today with a low near 62.

The warming continues each day for the rest of the week, through the weekend, and into Tuesday at a rate of about 3 degrees each afternoon.

Nights will warm more quickly, especially after the work week begins and a front nears. This front will likely bring our first thunderstorms in a few weeks, which will arrive Tuesday night is the timing doesn’t change. This setup is indicative of possible severe weather, but it’s too early for specifics. Stay tuned and enjoy our gorgeous weekend weather.

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