02/20 Ryan’s “Foggy” Wednesday Evening Forecast

Today’s front moved in bringing thunderstorms and rain but because it won’t fully move through we’ll see foggy nights for a while longer. The front is currently draped diagonally across South MS and will only penetrate a bit further to the SE before stalling.

This front will slowly transition into a warm front and begin to lift off tomorrow afternoon, but will linger close enough to keep cloudy skies and scattered showers in the area for the rest of the week.

Our next actual frontal passage now looks like it will happen Saturday evening, and will actually bring a couple of drier and sunny days on Sunday and Monday. It’s a short-lived reprieve though, because another round of storms is poised to move in by Tuesday. This will bring our third round of thunderstorms for this week and seems to start the whole process of stalling fronts and scattered showers again.

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