01/02 Ryan’s “Few Flurries” Tuesday Night Forecast

Tonight’s weather will be very similar to last night’s but with added cloud cover and the low chance of a few snow flurries. The low will end up being a degree or two higher than last night’s, but upper level features moving in from the West will bring just enough lift and moisture to create the potential for some frozen precipitation. It won’t be a measurable amount, accumulate, or even cause any travel issues; but the possibility of another “snowfall” in South MS is exciting none the less. Other than that there is very little difference from the last few nights so continue to protect your pets, plants, pipes, and people from long-term exposure, and prepare for another hard freeze for at least the next 2 nights.

Afternoons will gradually warm, climbing into the mid 40s by tomorrow and back into the 50s by the weekend. Sunday will bring return flow, so expect a dramatic increase in temperatures (into the mid 60s) as well as cloud cover and rain chances. We’ll be back on a cooling trend by next Tuesday, but expect a much warmer airmass than we saw this week.

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