01/26 Ryan’s “Still Cloudy” Tuesday Night Forecast

There’s been very little change since the weekend in regards to our still cloudy skies and muggy weather. Don’t expect to see any change tonight either, as we stay on the warmer side at 64 with cloudy skies and patchy fog by sunrise. By the late morning though, changes will be much more noticeable.

Drier air will be moving in at all levels, so expect clearing skies and falling temperatures.

Not expecting it to be too cool initially, high tomorrow still above average at 69, but the night will be quite chilly. Expect a low in the upper 30s, falling even further into the mid 30s by Thursday night. Thursday and Friday afternoon will be sunny and beautiful though, just considerably cooler in the mid to upper 50s. If you’re not a fan of the cold, don’t worry too much…it warms to 10 degrees above average again by Sunday.

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