01/03 Ryan’s “Wet & Nasty” Friday Evening Forecast

Wet & nasty certainly describe what we’ll see for the rest of the night, but sunny weather lies ahead! Scattered showers will continue for the next few hours as the first front moves East, and the second closes in. The second won’t have much to work with in terms of moisture for rain, but will bring a northerly wind shift and breezy conditions.

The rain will finish by 3 AM, but clouds will linger slightly longer.

Expect to see gradual clearing throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Cooler and drier air will bring highs out of the 70s and 60s where they’ve been, and back into the upper 50s and low 60s for the weekend. Sunshine will remain our primary weather through the start of the week, but another front will be closing in by Tuesday, but rain will be hard to come by.

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