Zoom Learning with Dr. Marco Robinson

Students at one middle school on the Coast participated in an interactive twist on learning today.

Eighth grade students from Gulfport Central Middle School met with Prairie View A&M University Professor Dr. Marco Robinson today via video conference as part of a ‘zoom learning session.’

Dr. Robinson answered questions and discussed slavery, the middle passage, and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade with students who are currently reading the book ‘Copper Sun’ by Sharon Draper.

Teacher Louis Henderson says discussing academic topics with someone from a collegiate background adds a new dimension to learning for students. “By giving them the opportunity to hear something from a college point of view, it might encourage them to continue their studies. It might also give them the opportunity to say ‘hey, I might be in eighth grade, but I have the opportunity to have dialogue, hold dialogue with someone that’s on the collegiate level.’”

The plan is for students to have two more learning sessions with Dr. Robinson as they read different sections of ‘Copper Sun.’

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