Zeta debris removal continues throughout South Mississippi

Debris gathering and removal still continues nearly a week after Hurricane Zeta.

Streets throughout South Mississippi are lined with downed tree limbs, branches, and leaves and other vegetative debris.

In Gulfport, a designated vegetative dropoff site has been set up for debris at the intersection of Hewes Avenue and Glover Street.

Residents are asked to separate the vegetative debris and household waste and to place all of these items on a public thoroughfare and not on private property. Along with a few other tips to ensure everyone stays safe as the clean-up process continues. City of Gulfport PIO LaShaundra McCarty said, “Some things to keep in mind for the sake of safety is don’t put your debris near any power lines. Don’t put it over manhole covers or the meter, don’t cover your water meters or fire hydrants. Trucks will be picking this stuff up. It’s not like a person will be able to sift through to make sure they’re not hitting any utility structures.”

Also be sure to close and seal the doors to any damaged household appliances to keep them shut for safety reasons.

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