Yuengling Now Available in Mississippi

Ask and you shall receive. This morning, beer from the nation’s oldest brewery has finally made its way to the Magnolia State. On Monday morning, Yuengling was delivered to Mississippi stores, bars and restaurants.
This morning’s deliveries were over 150 years in the making. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy hit the streets to see what this beer coming to Mississippi means for the Coast.
Beer drinkers unite. For the first time ever, Yuengling beer lovers can enjoy their choice beverage at bars across the state. Today, the popular lager became legal to sell and serve in the state of Mississippi. Owner of Irish Coast Ben Kaufman said, “People have been quote unquote bootlegging this beer. Driving to Alabama or wherever they can to drink it. So, to be able to bring it here to Mississippi is a big deal. It’s a major brand. Of course, increase in sales.”
Sales that will now flow into our state and local economy, thanks to a local company that had a major hand in bringing this new brew legally across state lines. The beer has been brewed in Pennsylvania since 1829 but was never sold in Mississippi until Rex Distributing made it happen. Today, the beer will be shipped out to 900 locations across the state. Residents can enjoy this beer with their friends, the culmination of a deal that’s been brewing for more than a year. Tom Junod with Yuengling Business Development said, “Everyone kept asking ‘what took you so long? What’s the process?’ and there’s a lot that goes into internally at the company but really learning more about the state and how we’re going to fit not only into the state but the wholesalers that we appointed.”
Yuengling not only means big business for bars but it also means big business for local stores. Co-owner of Smoke N Ale Tiffany Butcher said, “We’ve had a lot of people for over a year asking about Yuengling. We’ve had calls and people from New Orleans and surrounding areas. Any time you bring in a new beer or new products, we get new business.”
The state of Louisiana does not sell Yuengling. That means even more business will be on tap here in Mississippi.
The three flavors that are going to be in Mississippi are traditional Yuengling, Yuengling Light and Yuengling Black and Tan.

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