Youth Meet up for the Future

This year, Gulfport was selected to host the 85th MML Youth Track Conference.
Over 100 kids from all across the state of Mississippi were selected to gather on the Coast tonight for fellowship, to socialize and make lifelong friends.
The group also got a free ride with Ship Island Excursions to check out the beauty of the Gulf Coast.
News 25 caught up with Gulfport Public Information Officer Chris Vignes. He tells News 25 this conference is proof that youth involvement is making a big impact on the Coast and throughout the state. “These are the future leaders of the state of Mississippi. These kids have all been selected for mayor youth councils for different places all across the state from the Delta to the hills to Jackson to Hattiesburg down to the Coast. They’re all coming together tonight for fellowship, to socialize, learn about one another and make friends for the rest of their lives. This really speaks volumes for what we are doing with our kids. It’s really all about the kids. The kids that we selected stepped up and made it a big deal. We’ve been working on it for weeks. We’re excited to finally host.”
The 2017 MML annual conference is already scheduled to be hosted by the City of Biloxi.

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