Young Moss Point female kidnapped and sexually assaulted

Moss Point police are searching for a man who reportedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a Moss Point High School student at gunpoint Wednesday morning.
Moss Point police launched an investigation into this case after the young student confessed to a teacher about the tragic events she lived through yesterday morning.
“I didn’t know he was raping a girl. I just thought he was washing his clothes, you know.” About twice a week, Levon Free opened the doors of his home to lend his washer and dryer to Jimmy Williams. Little did he know that on Wednesday morning, Williams was using his driveway to allegedly sexually assault a high school girl. “Police come by yesterday to talk to me and tell me what he was doing out there.”
According to Moss Point police, the victim was walking to the bus stop on Ruby Street early Wednesday morning to catch the school bus when she was approached by a man at gunpoint, he then forced her into a car, drove her to Free’s driveway and sexually assaulted her. “I feel bad because I didn’t think he was that kind of guy you know.”
Moss Point police say that after the assault, Williams dropped off the victim near Moss Point High School. Moss Point resident Kevin Murray said, “You know, that’s a young high school girl. She’s trying to do what’s right, go to school and everything, and that person took something away from her which was her innocence.”
Now, Moss Point police are asking for you to help find the man that turned a young girl’s biggest nightmare into a sad reality.
Anyone who has any information regarding this crime can contact the Moss Point Police Department or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers.

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