Was young Gautier mother left to die by her friends?

Police are investigating a shooting that left a young mother dead Monday night in Gautier. Twenty-seven-year-old Taleya Guy was found dead after a shooting at the College Villa Apartments and her close friend tells News 25 the group she was with that night left her to die.
A memorial of flowers and balloons now stands where Gautier police found 27-year-old Taleya Guy dead. “She was a really good friend of mine. When I was down and out and didn’t have anyone to go to, it didn’t matter if she was broke or not, she made a way.”
Taleya died at a vacant house on West Park Drive after a shooting at the College Villa Apartments in Gautier, shortly before midnight Monday. The Jackson County mother’s close friend, Ashlee Ashford, believes if Taleya wasn’t with the group she went to the apartments with the night she was shot, her death may have been prevented. “Instead of taking her to Ocean Springs Hospital or the Pascagoula hospital, a human being was brought from an incident where she was shot and taken to another residence to be left for dead.”
Twenty-six year-old Jasmine Anderson, 29-year-old Phyllis Williams, 23-year-old LaMonica Boone, and 23-year-old Tinisha Massey are all charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault in connection with Taleya’s death. Ashlee says the four women were Taleya’s friends. “She literally took everyone in as a friend, but real friends, real friends don’t do you like this.”
Ashlee says she’s known Taleya for six years. Ashlee has lived in Gautier for seven. She says the home has been vacant ever since she moved here. “Neither one are residents of Gautier. How do you guys know about this vacant house? That’s what hurts me because I know if that were me, I wouldn’t have left her. I would have stayed here until she took her last breath.”
Ashlee says Taleya was a creative, uplifting, true friend, and a good mother. While police continue investigating, Ashlee hopes more answers will be brought to light. “Where is the justice from you guys taking her from College Villa to here? What was the point? What was the purpose?”

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