“Y’all Vote” Website Launches

Mississippi official have a simple message “Y’all vote! “ A website launched on Wednesday to simplify voter registration in the magnolia state. The “Y’all Vote” Site allows citizens already registered to vote to change their voter roll information by submitting an online application. It also acts as an online voter information center aimed at preparing voters to cast a ballot on Election Day. Many hope this easy to use website will encourage resident to update their voter registration if necessary and of course urge them to come to the polls. This is just another step in a direction to make it easier, simplify the process for you if you are currently registered to make that change without having to come in or fill out the form and mail it in direction to our office. The link for Harrison County will be up on Monday. Voter registration deadline is October 8th. Circuit Clerk offices will be open on that day between 8 am to noon.



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