WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Stone High’s C.C. Herrien

Right in the center of all the success of the Stone football team is senior standout C.C. Herrien, who’s a big part in making history for the Tomcats.

After winning the school’s first district title since 1994, the Tomcats doubled down on making history, now playing their first third-round playoff game since 1991. Head Coach John Feaster said, “It means a lot to me, but my deal is to try to let the kids know it’s a huge deal for them. And that they’re special, that they did it, they worked hard for it, and they earned it every step of the way. Like I say, to do something that hasn’t been done in 31 years, that’s a tall task, and these kids did it man and I’m so Godly proud of them.”

C.C. Herrien said, “Mean a lot, you know, everybody really doubted us so you know coming out here and proving everybody wrong, it means a lot. We’re just trying to put on for the city, that’s all.”

For the past seven years, the Tomcats have been led by Head Coach John Feaster and his incredible staff. He says he’s not surprised this group made history because they are truly something special. “These guys are, I tell people all the time they brought out the best in me, you know. Coaching is easy, I always say it’s easy, but these guys here made me dig deep and they brought out the best in me. They kinda took to me and the rest of the coaching staff. They’ve just been a fun group to be around. They’re so close, and they just make practice fun. I mean its real fun. We never feel like we’re working.”

The Tomcats are a well-oiled machine, beating the Sumrall Bobcats handily the first round, and then beating North Pike in overtime in the second round, 17-16.

Stone has worked tirelessly both on and off the field, but one senior truly exemplifies what a leader should be.

C.C. Herrien is a four-year varsity starter at defensive end and linebacker, but it hasn’t always been picture perfect. “I got hurt in ninth grade, but I came back. Then in tenth grade, I played the whole tenth grade. In eleventh grade, I got hurt in the middle of the season so I couldn’t play in the playoffs, so I had something to prove this season, so I can’t let up.”

“I’m just proud of who he has grown to be on and off the field. He epitomizes what we teach every day with his growth. And he’s always an exceptional student…just a great kid. I’m so Godly proud that I had the opportunity to coach him and like I said, he epitomizes what our program is about.”

But the Tomcats still have unfinished business and the history books aren’t closed yet as they host Poplarville in the third-round of the 4A playoffs on Friday. “Motivation is there, it’s the first time in 31 years and we haven’t beaten Poplarville I think the last four times maybe. So, that’s a huge deal you know, but again we’re telling our kids they’re doing it for the community. It’s their first time to get the opportunity to see this type of excitement around the community and we tell them if you like this, just imagine if you win this week.”

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