WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: St. Stanislaus football’s Chandler Chapman

This week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week is St. Stanislaus running back Chandler Chapman. Chapman is currently the fourth leading rusher in the state.

For some, the sport of football is just for entertainment or something to watch on the weekends, but for those who play, it’s a way of life.

Chandler Chapman is a senior running back and safety for St. Stanislaus. He is currently ranked number four in the state for rushing yards, but the journey to this point has not been easy for Chapman. “My 7th grade year, I fractured my ankle in three places, so that was a bit of a setback, then I came back my freshman year, started my freshman year at North Shore, then COVID year. So, I ended up transferring here, and then I had a lot of family stuff going on so I transferred back to North Shore.”

Keeping the family first, this means Chapman took a whole year off from the sport he loved most, but he learned a lot in the process. “I learned not to let stuff overwhelm me, not to overwhelm myself with work, time management, not to let stuff build up. That goes with everything, football, school work, class, stuff like that.”

But Chapman knew he couldn’t stay away from the sport he loved for long and he went on to say that football is his therapy. “I just like the way it makes me feel, like getting a touchdown on Friday night, knowing everybody’s watching you makes me feel a type of way. You feel like you’re on top of the world. When you’re on the field you don’t got any other distractions. It’s just you and your team, just locked in, everybody got the same goal, everybody doing the same thing. You know, nothing else that happened throughout the day follows us to the football field. It’s just a different world when you’re on the field.”

What made putting on the pads and joining the Rock-a-Chaws yet again for his senior season even sweeter. Head Coach Nathan Encrapera said, “Getting him back… we knew he was going to be something special as a sophomore when we had him. Just his work ethic over the summer has been good. He just has a contagious personality about him. He doesn’t say a whole lot, you know he influences the room greatly, so it’s important that we had him back this year.”

The St. Stanislaus program has been successful this year with an overall record of 5-3 and a 2-0 record in district play, but this next game could be record breaking for Chapman as he is only 310 yards from breaking Bennett Rimmer’s rushing yard record of 4,290 yards for SSC, but he recognizes it is a team effort. “I got a shout out my team, have to. Ethan Gallaway, our receiver. He transferred over here from Bay High School and he’s been helping us out a lot. And quarterback Hudson Osborne, that opens up the field for me a lot. Those are two great athletes and I wouldn’t want to play with no one else.”

Chapman’s dream is to play football at the next level while also striving to earn a degree in sports medicine because of how his trainer, Coach Mandy, changed his life while he personally struggled with injuries.

You can catch Chandler and the rest of the Rock-a-Chaws as they face Perry Central on the road this Friday.

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