WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: St. Martin’s Noreel White

This week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week is only a junior, but has quickly made his name known on the gridiron.

St. Martin wide receiver Noreel White is showing up and showing out this football season and making some incredible plays along the way.

As a junior wide receiver Noreel White reflects on what the game of football means to him and his journey to get to where he is now, he honestly can’t remember his life without it. “I feel like, I think my parents really just threw me out there, and I just started liking it ever since, for real. I don’t even know.”

But boy, are he and his parents glad they did. White is currently a four-star wide receiver and is ranked the number two player in the state of Mississippi posted by On Three Sports.

He’s just getting started as he’s entering the fifth game of the year of his junior season. Head Coach Ty Smith said, “We put a lot on him last year as a sophomore, and uh maybe too much even at times, maybe not enough at times, but since January, since our new staff is taking over, some of the pressure we’ve put on him and stuff, he’s responded drastically. I mean he’s grown up so much, so much more mature than even I’d imagine at this time at this season.”

Coach also said he has seen White transition mentally. He said he has truly gone from a ‘me’ mindset to a ‘team’ mindset and he is really proud of how he carries himself on and off the field. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my team, you feel me. So, I gotta give them as much thanks as I can. Being in school all day and then coming out here just makes it so much better, because you surrounded by people who care about you all day.”

As a junior, White is truly a leader. He is one of the ten captains on the St. Martin roster. Quarterback D.K. Jenkins said, “He’s a, he’s a great leader. He pushes these guys, pushes me, pushes himself, we just, we need him and he gonna be something special.”

“He’s definitely well beyond his means right now and I think D.K being here, D.K.’s rubbed off on him a lot, talking about D.K. Jenkins, he’s rubbed off on him a lot and I think pairing those two up is gonna open up a lot of doors for Noreel down the road, too.”

Opening lots of doors and finding the openings in their opponent’s defense, the dynamic duo has made some incredible plays early on this year, but one play specifically comes to mind.

DK sends the ball to White and just when the defense thought they had him, White sends it all the way back with some help from his QB1. “When he slung me, I’m thinking I’m thinking alright it’s a safety, so that’s why I gave like a little second or two of hesitation and then as soon as I started running, I already knew it was over with. I seen a little gap and everything. Then I see D.K. blocking for me, and I was like yeah it’s gotta be a touchdown.”

Big players make big plays and he has a big St. Martin fan club cheering him on every step of the way. “He’s got so many people in his corner, every single coach out here, every player out here, you know the admin at the high school, Mrs. Holland, all of us want what’s best for Noreel, and we’re gonna do everything we possibly can to make sure the future is bright for him, because he’s got the tools.”

You can catch Noreel White and the rest of the St. Martin Yellowjackets this Friday as they host the Gulfport Admirals for their first district match-up.

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