WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Gulfport Girls Soccer’s Mary Frances Symmes

This week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week is Gulfport girls soccer standout Mary Frances Symmes.

Following in her father and brother’s footsteps, Mary Frances Symmes has had a ball at her feet ever since she was four-years-old. Now entering district play as a Gulfport senior, Symmes says she continues to play soccer because of her passion for the game. “My love for it. There’s just nothing better. It just makes me so happy. Being with my teammates. We’ve been here for four years, and I just love them so much, and doing it with them is awesome.”

Throughout her four seasons as a Lady Admiral, she’s already been a state champion not once, but twice.

After playing center midfielder the past two years, Symmes is now considered a ‘wild card’ and can play just about every position on the field. Assistant Coach Haley Hammons said, “She’s been such a versatile player this year. Last year she only played midfield, and this year she’s kinda gone wherever that we needed her. With losing so many players, we put her up top and like I said, she has scored four goals in the last two district games. And then we put her on defense last night when we kinda got ahead to mark one of their better players because we knew she could handle it, and she just does it.”

Known for her fancy footwork and passing wizardry, Symmes says the skills didn’t just come overnight. In fact, it took years of practice to get to this point. “Bunch of practice. Practice in my back yard, practice working extra hard in my club and high school practices.”

And that practice is finally paying off as she signs a national letter of intent with the Power 5 school of her dreams: NC State. “They were after me at the first day coaches could talk to you, and I’ve always wanted to play in the ACC because it is the most competitive, and NC State was just the perfect fit for me.”

The one they call Murph going on to say that playing at the next level means everything to her and that she’s always wanted to be in this position.

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