Wreath Walk for Biloxi National Cemetery

Participants woke up early Saturday morning to participate in the Wreath Walk to help raise funds for Wreaths for Biloxi National Cemetery.

They walked three miles from the Ken Combs Pier to the Armed Forces Retirement Home and back.

The first 150 people to register for the event received a free t-shirt.

Each December, volunteers clean and lay wreaths on the plots at the Biloxi National Cemetery. The Wreath Walk is a way to honor and pay respects to the veterans that have passed while also raising money.  Crusaders for Veterans President Kevin Cuttill said, “The first Saturday in December we put wreaths out. It is a two-day event because we have 21,000 wreaths. Every year, we order from Keesler Air Force Base, base exchange and that way our money is somewhat helping out the NWR on base as well. We kind of help inactive and we are helping all of the veterans it’s just an event. We get together on Friday. We unload them, fluff them up, put new bows on them. Saturday, we have a big ceremony and its closure for families.”

Expenditures for the wreath placing event exceeds $30,000 annually and includes purchasing, transporting, and storing wreaths and bows for 20,000 veterans’ gravesites.

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