Wrapping up the DNC

This is the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
Tonight, the event wraps up with Hillary Clinton addressing the crowd in person for the first time. The stage has already seen several political heavyweights during the convention including President Barack Obama and Hillary’s husband, former Commander in Chief Bill Clinton.
The Democratic Party has dealt with a split audience in Philadelphia this week, as many delegates have openly protested on behalf of Senator Bernie Sanders.
Earlier this afternoon, News 25 spoke with local resident Curley Clark, who has been in attendance throughout the event. “I think the party’s going to be stronger after the convention. I do not think it’s going to be totally unified judging from the atmosphere that was in the convention hall during the last three nights. There’s just that certain element that I don’t think are going to accept Hillary Clinton as their nominee.”
Both the Republican and Democratic conventions have been heavily televised events with an estimated 24.03 million viewers tuning in to the DNC last night.

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