Worship program meeting in Gulfport

A planning meeting took place at the Carnegie Library in Gulfport to discuss a progressive worship program to be held at several historic Gulfport churches.

A similar project was done several years ago to get the community involved and learn about historic churches in Gulfport. The Historical Society of Gulfport wants to bring Gulfport together to visit different churches in the city and hear sermons from different pastors. Afterwards, those church members would tell locals about the history of where they fellowship.

Historical Society of Gulfport President Betty Shaw said, “It’s really to bring community awareness to people who not only attend this, we hope to have good attendance, but of the people who will just hear about it and be aware that we are highlighting some of the churches in Gulfport. Gulfport has a deep, rich history of a lot of things including religion.”

The City of Gulfport was incorporated in 1898. It wasn’t until the early 1900s when the city started to build churches.

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