World Tourism Day

It’s ‘World Tourism Day’ and here on the Gulf Coast we are fortunate enough to live in an area that many travel far and wide to get to.

‘World Tourism Day’ is recognized on September 27th each year. Its purpose is to raise awareness among communities throughout the world of the many benefits of tourism not just for the areas visited, but for the folks hitting the road to do something new.

‘Visit Coastal Mississippi’ CEO Milton Segarra says this is a great way to remind folks of the benefits of adventure.  “One of the most important part of the tourism is it brings a lot of quality enhancement to the people in that region, in our case, the coast of Mississippi. All of the things that we do to attract people and come to coastal Mississippi are here available for all of us and that’s important that we maximize, take advantage, enjoy the thing that we have from restaurants to parks to museums to our hotels to our gaming entertainment, all of that, because when people come that’s what they’re looking for. It’s so important to be an ambassador to each and every one of them the visitors that come here.”

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