World School Milk Day

Today Bel-Aire Elementary celebrated World School Milk Day.
The end of the month was chosen as it is a school day in most countries. Countries around the world celebrate World School Milk Day to celebrate the health benefits of school milk programs.
Bel-Aire students did just that as the sound of ‘Old McDonald’ rang through the halls. Students had a chance to sip on some delicious milk and learn about the benefits that milk can have on their bodies and minds.
School Nurse Debra Mahand, who also doubled as a cow today, told News 25 about some of the things kids have been doing to prepare for the day. “They will get milk mustaches and free ice cream. Every student will get free ice cream today and in art we are doing collages of the teachers that serve on a school health council. They volunteered to be cows and then the children got to bring in their clippings of their dairy foods and they get to put the collages on each of their teachers.”
Nurse Mahand dressed as a cow while all the other teachers dressed as farmers and kids wore the color shirt of their favorite milk flavor.

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