World Record setting volleyball player on the Coast

A World Record setting volleyball player is making a difference on the Coast.

Bob Holmes has been playing and motivating students all week long. Holmes currently holds the record for having played more games in any sport than any other athlete alive. To date, he’s played over 20,000 games of volleyball solo against teams of players.

Last week, he competed against students and teachers at various schools while delivering powerful speeches that address teen suicide and depression, encouraging them to beat the odds.

On Friday, he played in his last matches at St. Martin Middle School where a few of the students have some thoughts about being defeated by a one-man show. Brookelyn Hosey said, “It was actually kind of funny to watch. It was funny to watch the teachers fail. It was funny to me.”

Josie Hall said, “I don’t know anybody who went up against that many teams and won that many. He’s very inspirational and very good at volleyball. That game was unfair! Just kidding. It was a very good game.”

Pastor Paul Perkins with Grace Baptist Church said, “Young people need encouragement and need to know there’s a hope in life. We can set along directions and give information. There are people to talk to.”

While the students and teachers didn’t fare too well against Holmes, they’re not alone. He’s also single-handedly defeated the Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, and the USA Volleyball Team, to name a few.

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