World Hydrography Day

Today is World Hydrography Day! Those with the University of Southern Mississippi’s hydrography program took today to show off all that they do.

USM held their Hydrography Day at their marine research center in Gulfport. They showcased what they use to map the ocean bottom, not just for navigation safety, but for many other things that are needed to understand what’s happening in the water.

They had vessels, sail drones, and other displays up to show how they do their research. Many industry partners were there as well, like Navy and NOAA members.

USM’s hydrography program is steadily growing with new technologies used every day.  USM Hydrographic Science and Research Center Director Brian Connon said, “The folks coming out here, you know, have that certification, have that master’s degree and they go on and it’s great for me today to see them working for industries, working for NOAA, working for the Navy. You know, all the alumni that are here from USM and we really make an impact worldwide on hydrography.”

Since their start, USM has graduated over 200 students from 25 different countries with their hydrography program.

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