Workers on Labor Day

Not everyone gets the day off on Labor Day. News 25’s Kendra Turley caught up with those who still had to clock-in on today’s holiday.
For many, the Labor Day holiday brings a three day weekend, perfect for traveling, backyard barbecues, and relaxation. Biloxi resident Janice Anderson said, “Just enjoying this beautiful day. That’s all. We’re just walking and chit-chatting and talking about the beautiful weather and how life is going.”
But for others, Labor Day is just another Monday back at work. Natalie Young, a server at Slap Ya Momma’s BBQ, said, “Just running around. As you can see, I’m sweating. Getting drinks, serving bbq, and doing it up.”
Health care workers, emergency personnel, retail workers at some locations and most restaurant staff are just some of the many professions that have to work on Labor Day. Some say they don’t mind making the extra cash.
While schools, banks, and federal offices shut down for the federal holidays, retailers and restaurants offer holiday specials to draw in customers and boost profit. “It’s more money in it because it’s our slow season,” said Young, “So, actually the business helped us out. We’ve been busy all day, all weekend actually and we love the business.”
Lloyd Quinn, the general manager at Slap Ya Momma’s, said, “I mean, in the service industry that’s what we do. We’re here to entertain and to provide something to the guests that are out there looking for some places to go and things to do.”
Not all American workers get Labor Day off from work, but the perks of extra pay for workers or profits for business is well worth the labor. Or not. “I just think that people should be off so they can enjoy the nice sunshine and the nice weather that we have before the fall comes,” said Anderson.
The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on September 5th, 1882 in New York City.

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